Mediation in a storm

This post was originally published in May, 2017

Last night, my friend and I meditated. We were outside and the wind started blowing. A new weather pattern moved over our region in Slovenia. Then, as the gusts of wind increased, the wind joined with it's partner, electricity-heat and fire. Thunderbolts from heaven flashed filling the sky, wind, and fire. And soon the elements of wind and electrical fire found another partner, water. It began raining. Water, Wind, Fire all danced together and cover us, penetrating in and through our bodies. We were grounded--the ground of earth beneath us Fire and Wind around us, Water soaking in us.

My soul began to feel as I began to dissolve into the energy of the cosmos. 

This was such an intense experience. My body began to channel strong vibrations and I could feel a stirring in the core of my body. I was in-touch and reached beyond my body. I could see visions filled with love and light.

My soul danced with the elements and I melted away into oblivion.

I could feel the suffering of my ego trying to regain it's footing. I had to go deeper, but not will it; it had to be felt. The depth had to come from another place, not my ego. I waited for an invitation to spiral further into a dance of all dances beyond time and space into the infinite.

After an hour our bodies were drenched in water and my soul was reborn....

Creston Davis