Ireland--a land of rebirth

Half of me is Irish--at least that's what I've been told growing up in small town in Pennsylvania. I've spent the last week in Ireland--Dublin then Galway and can feel my feet sinking into the landscape, my heart lifted by spirits mysterious.. Much in life gets lost in the demands of everyday and we too quickly lose our bearings forgetting our centre-point. Ireland for me has been that centre-- guided by music, food, and a spiritual guide-- thanking her would never be enough. 

Spiritual Guide and Philosopher....

Spiritual Guide and Philosopher....

This past year has been one of severe highs and unthinkable lows from falling in love like never before only to realize that my beloved was in love with another man, to forming a community of academics and thinkers that have become my marrow family. And now, in Ireland, I've connected to old friends, poets, musicians and those seeking peace and joy.

The healing is so overwhelming that I've starting to sing again after not being able to for years. Playing in pubs with strangers singing their hearts out in a pub under the cob-webbed skies of Dublin-town was a deeply spiritual experience too. And so, life goes on--unfolding through the spiritual energies that alight in the eyes of a new lover, a friend, on the air of a guitar string.

It feels like fresh-air where I can breathe again after a year of loss, a broken heart--and so in the darkness light comes, spring in September in the fields and forrests of Ireland.

I'm off to London for a few days before heading on paths yet unknown.  I'll leave you with a song from my newly found friends, Brían and Diarmuid Mac Gloinn who tour with an old friend, Glen Hansard. 

Thank you, Farah, Thawab, Ellen and Diarmuid....


Creston Davis