I'm Looking Forward To Sharing Parts Of My Life Experiences With Others. My Memoir Explores The Journey Of Finding Meaning Through Various "Chapters" Of My Life-- From Four Years In An Elite Airborne Recon Unit To Marriage And It's Failure, And From Becoming A Christian Pastor to Finally Walking Away From Christianity without giving up on "God".

Other Vignettes Explore Becoming A Professor, Starting A University, and To Working through suicides of friends and brothers Owing To a shared experience of Sexual Abuse By Women As A Child. And, Of Course, Several Near-Death Experiences, a loss of a loved one, And even Strange Death-Threats.

I Promise It Will Be Interesting And I Hope It Will Offer Some Insights And Fresh Perspectives To You.



Top right -- climbing in Colorado with my sons and friends (June 2014). Bottom Right-- Training with Warsaw pact weapon systems in LRSD, Team 1 (I'm on the Left, circa 1991). Left photo-- with my sons after a half-Marathon in which Asher (Left) and I took first place in our age groups and Isak (right) won 2nd overall. He would have won the race had he not ran with me for a while (Jan, 2013).